We pride ourselves on regional products, exclusive ingredients, and innovative technology to serve you the most delicious steaks and burgers in town. But there is one more key element to what makes us extraordinary – we proudly introduce: the man behind the menu,

Jan Bell

Ian Bell

Ian Bell has been an icon in the gaming industry for over 20 years. As the CEO of Slightly Mad Studious, he has created best-selling and legendary games such as EA’s Need for Speed: SHIFT, the GTR series, and the Project CARs series which have been sold more than ten Million times worldwide. If you haven’t played one of his games yourself, the probability is high that you know somebody who has. His games are creative, cutting edge, and captivating, and so is his life story – which eventually led to the creation of Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers.
Before founding his gaming empire from his tiny student apartment, Ian Bell worked on not one, not two, but three PhD degrees in the field of psychology, neuroscience and human-machine-interface design. Rather introverted by nature, he sought strength in accumulating knowledge, both professionally and within his private field of passion – cooking. Having grown up in 1970s Northern Ireland as the son of a working-class single mother amidst the violent riots of the Irish conflict, he was taught early on that everything was possible, yet that mastery didn’t come without dedication. Developing recipes and cooking with friends became his favorite university past-time, and it was then that he developed his palette and explored a wide array of ingredients that were hard to come by.
By his early thirties, as he was earning his PhD degree in human-machine-interface design, he decided that simulation-based gaming was far from exploiting its full potential. He founded his first company by recruiting a team that worked remotely from all over the world. While remote working has now become a norm, it was unheard of at the time, so none of the common remote collaboration tools existed. Ian Bell simply created his own collaboration platform and off they went.
Being a down-to-earth, working-class entrepreneur with a background in psychology, he developed a close and empathetic bond with his employees. 95% of his staff stayed by his side on his journey from university dorm to gaming empire with more than 900 employees overall. His intuition on what people need and enjoy has ensured that he is not merely a pioneer in remote working, but a successful one at that – to this date, he has only met 40% of his loyal staff personally, who work from as far away as the Virgin Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
It is this empathetic intuition that he is now combining with his personal passion to fulfil a lifelong dream – creating the best steak and burger recipes on the market. From sourcing and selecting the highest quality meat, to finetuning our secret dry-aging procedure that yields the best possible results in terms of flavor and texture, Ian Bell is fully dedicated to creating the best customer experience every step of the way. He is constantly developing and testing new recipes, so keep an eye out for his new creations on our menu. Although he lives in Singapore, he often pops in at Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers to cook and brainstorm with the kitchen team and to enjoy the beautiful ambience.

On behalf of Ian Bell, we welcome you to Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers, and can’t wait for you to enjoy the outcomes of this extraordinary journey!

We are looking forward to your visit!

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