We pride ourselves in regional products, exclusive ingredients, and innovative technology to serve you the most delicious steaks and burgers in town. But there is one more key element to what makes us extraordinary – we proudly introduce: the man behind the menu,

Jan Bell

Ian Bell

Ian Bell has been a gaming industry icon for over 20 years. As CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, he created legendary video games such as EA’s Need for Speed: SHIFT, the GTR series, and the Project CARs series, which have sold over ten million copies worldwide. But even before Ian Bell founded his gaming empire in his tiny student apartment, his passion was already in the culinary world. Although he lives in London, he often visits Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers to sit with our kitchen team and enjoy the ambiance.


Daniel Müllek

Chefkoch, Fleischsommelier

Our head chef, Daniel Müllek, has been there from the start. Last year he successfully passed the meat sommelier exam at the Fleischer Academy in Augsburg. We are very proud of our chef de cuisine and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him again. Daniel developed his affinity for meat as a child and decided to learn the profession of cook. Luckily for us, because becoming a butcher was also an option. Our chef always brings his travels around the world and the experiences he has made into the development of the menu. Thanks to his intuition, his curiosity and his passion, Daniel realizes a lifelong dream: to bring the best steaks and burgers to our guests’ plates. The research and selection of high-quality meat distinguish our chef. It consistently accompanies the dry-aging process, which allows us to offer the highest quality in terms of taste, succulence, ikumi and texture.

Together with our kitchen team, Daniel has developed the recipes for many of the in-house sauces, dressings and dishes. His experience and passion play a major role here. Daniel’s mission is to always create the best possible experience for our guests. He continuously develops and tests “new things” – and in doing so he always creates culinary highlights and, above all, exclusive meat cuts. So it pays to keep an eye on our menus and on our screens for the latest cuts and creations.

Murat 3

Murat Baybars

Grill master

Murat Baybars has worked for a long time in the well-known Turkish steakhouse of Nusr-Et (Salt-Bae). Welcome to our team!



Shift management

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Karolin 3




Thomas Lang

CEO, shareholder

On behalf of Ian Bell, we welcome you to Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers, and can’t wait for you to enjoy the outcomes of this extraordinary journey!

We are looking forward to your visit!

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