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Tue. to Fri. 11:30 am to 2:30 pm | Tue. to Sun. 5pm to 11pm

Opening hours:

Tue. to Sun. 5pm to 11pm

Bell`s Steakhouse & Burgers

Your Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers in Aschheim offers you prime steak and meat dishes.
Upon request we serve you our regional and international steaks from our in-house dry aging fridge, which gives our steaks an irresistibly tender, buttery and nutty taste. We pride ourselves in providing you with excellent meat quality: Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers exclusively offers regional ox beef sourced from the municipal Karlshof estate, which supplies the Ochsenbraterei tent during Oktoberfest.

Following Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in New York City, our steaks are barbecued on point and to perfection at 800 degrees in the Southbend Beefer. This makes Bell’s Steakhouse & Burgers one of only two restaurants in Munich that are equipped with this technology. Not just our steaks but also our burgers are grilled on the Southbend Beefer, after having been enriched with dry-aged beef and freshly minced every day.

In addition to juicy steaks and burgers we are happy to serve you with regional ingredients, a variety of side dishes, classical meat and fish dishes as well as vegetarian alternatives. From Chili con Carne to pasta and fresh salads, we offer the right dish for every taste.

We also offer you private booths where you can focus all your senses on your dish whilst enjoying the comfort and ambience of our restaurant. Our team is happy to advise you further by phone or email.

Visit Bell’s Steakhouse and Burgers to experience indulgence and culinary variety in Aschheim near Munich.

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